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To be elsewhere and feel at home is the credo of Villa Ramade for almost 2 decades. This is not an exercise in style, it is the raison d'être of our very special charming Normandy hotel. Since always, the establishment is organized in order to answer all your expectations as well on the level of the rooms as of their equipment, as regards reception for the professionals or by the means of the animations proposed in and around the hotel.

To make Villa Ramade a second home, in which you will feel as well, is our daily bet. It is expressed in these rooms so varied and with the various surfaces to come to 2, to 3, to 4, and even 5 people. It is to meet this need for variety that there is not one, but two, villas, Villa Ramade and Villa Madile. Two villas and two atmospheres for the same excellence.

Each space of this 4 star hotel Mont Saint Michel will be the privileged place of your vacations. The spa, installed in the garden, will make you enjoy a jacuzzi and its benefits in a magnificent landscape. The park will incite you to a moment of relaxation and a few steps around the pool of the French garden. You will always have a reason to stay at the Villa Ramade hotel and enjoy its facilities.

Are you coming to La Ramade as a couple? Do you want a bit of romance, a cosy room where you can take time for each other? The Standard, Classic and Privilege rooms are made for you. You will wake up in their comfort, you will love their modern facilities and their style. They will be the starting point for days of hand-in-hand discovery of the region, or simply at the hotel's spa.

The call of Normandy was the strongest and you took the whole family to discover the Mont-Saint-Michel, the D-Day beaches and the culinary culture of the region. By staying in the superior rooms or in the Passiflore suite, you will have the space you need to enjoy your stay.

The meeting and seminar facilities at Villa Ramade offer comfort for all. The Standard rooms will be your ideal stopover. Comfortable, elegant, well-equipped, they are designed for solo travelers who want to combine quality and functionality.


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