Spa hotel in Mont Saint-Michel: the address of La Ramade as a landmark

The hotel La Ramade in Avranches is the address that we keep as a safe value when we want to book a spa hotel in Mont Saint-Michel. We explain to you why you want to preserve for you this address.

A stay in a spa hotel in Normandy with character

La Ramade is halfway between a traditional hotel and a guest house, so much you feel good there, so much you are welcomed and pampered all along your stay by the team of the establishment and the charm of the place. La Ramade is first of all two villas, Villa Ramade and Villa Madile. One is typical of the region, the second more contemporary, so you can find the theme you want for your weekend. But the first magical element that we will remember for your stay at Mont Saint-Michelis the presence of a spa. In a rather iconoclastic way, it is installed in the heart of the garden, in a magnificent glass roof. There is a solarium and above all a large Jacuzzi in which you can enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation in the heart of a particularly well-kept French garden. The bucolic atmosphere blends perfectly with the main building of this spa hotel in Mont Saint-Michel for a very successful experience for two.

A hotel in Mont Saint-Michel with spa, but not only

The Villa Ramade Spa is of course an asset for the hotel La Ramade. And yet, the establishment has many other charms, starting with the rooms. 4 stars, equipped with all the modern comfort, these rooms are above all a den of softness and quietness. The decor changes from one room to the next, but you will always find the Norman style, elaborate furniture, and a magnificent view of the surroundings or the hotel garden. Your stay in this spa hotel in Normandy, you will come as a couple, to enjoy the spa. But you can also come with your family thanks to the Passiflore Suite, for example, which, with 45 m² of space, offers very welcoming accommodation for up to 5 people.

With a buffet breakfast, a bar by the fireplace, and easy parking after a day of exploring the bay, your stay at this Mont Saint-Michel spa hotel is already a success.


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