La Ramade, hotel on the typical Normandy coast

Culture, heritage, history, gastronomy, all the vacations in one region

Located at 20 km from Mt St Michel, La Ramade is the hotel near the Mont Saint Michel from which you will visit Normandy. And the famous Mont will of course be your first visit. Mythical and mystical, dominating the bay in a majestic way, changing its face at the speed of a galloping horse, it is at the same time the most popular tourist place of the region, and at the same time the most enigmatic. You will not fail to make your own opinion in the maze of alleys, tasting an omelet of the mother Poulard, strolling on top of the abbey and imagining the incredible view of St Michel, frozen at the highest point of the Mount.

And it is only the first of your tourist appointments in Normandy. The region also experienced the darkest hours of World War II, when the American offensive landed there to liberate Europe from the Nazi yoke. Today, more than 70 years later, this memory is still very much alive. There is no shortage of museums, in addition to the Caen Memorial. The poignant history of the city of Avranches, and so many others, the D-Day beaches so often immortalized in the movies, all this forms a historical foundation that you will not fail to discover during your visits and walks.

And Normandy is also the pleasure of a gourmet table where cider and cheese are only the visible part of a gastronomic iceberg composed of so many specialties. With the Fresh Jars of your 4 star hotel Mont Saint Michel or in the restaurants of the region, you will not fail to discover them.

Think of your stay in Avranches as the central point of your excursions. Located between Brittany and Normandy, the city is about 1 hour drive from many points of interest: St Malo and its ramparts, Cancale and its oysters, medieval Dinan, Fougères and its castle but also Rennes, Bayeux, Caen and the D-Day beaches. You will leave during the day to discover the rich heritage of the region, and will have only one idea in mind, to come back and enjoy the Ramade.

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