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Eat at the Villa Ramade

The charm of the Villa Ramade is pushed to its smallest details. Each room of the common parts brings its stone to the building of the personality of the places. And the bar of this Avranches hotel is the best example. But as far as restaurants are concerned, we also like the breakfast. It's a real party at the Villa Ramade, a party where local producers are invited to provide bread, cheese, jams and other breakfast delicacies. Finally, you will also appreciate an original formula for meals, that of the Bocaux Frais. These are dishes cooked by a local caterer who honors the freshness, the seasonality and the greed of regional products.

Hotel near the Mont Saint Michel

A drink at the bar, an experience

L'Aparté is the bar of the Villa Ramade. It allows you to take a well-deserved break during your day in Normandy. For a coffee, a drink, a snack or a last cocktail at sunset, you will enjoy its menu. We drink, in moderation, beautiful bottles, good cocktails, quality teas and good coffees. That's why we like to make an aside there.

But l'Aparté is also a question of style. Depending on what you want (and the weather in Normandy), your bar will play the British card with its muffled atmosphere where the wood, the leather armchairs and the fireplace set the tempo for a moment out of time. Your cocktail or your aged whisky can also be taken under the magnificent glass roof. The sun will illuminate you while protecting you from the weather outside. Finally, cocktails and snacks, such as a charcuterie board, can also be enjoyed outside in this hotel in Normandy.


Jars and small restaurants

At La Ramade, we propose you an original way to approach the meals with the Fresh Jars. It is a service proposed by a local caterer. Products from Normandy are cooked every day in his kitchens in order to offer you fresh, gourmet meals, typical of both the region and the season. With Les Bocaux Frais, you can eat as well as in a restaurant and with purely local recipes.

A 4 star hotel near Mont Saint Michel

Have a purely Norman breakfast

The breakfast buffet is always a pleasure. It's a great way to start the day in an elegant setting and with a gourmet table. Véronique, mistress of the place, made the judicious choice to direct the greediness of her buffet towards her region of heart. Normandy is thus in the honor of many proposals like jams, caramels, cheeses or simply the delicious bread which comes from the nearby bakery and yoghurts resulting from a local farm, incomparable with the products of the trade. Why look further when you have the best products for a real Norman breakfast at hand?




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